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Using proper mechanics ensures the football officials are in the right place, at the right time, to make the right call. It also allows officials who normally do not work together to perform well as a crew and effectively communicate. You need to understand the correct mechanics for your assigned position.

As with other components of the website, we encourage you to compare the lesson statements with your state’s mechanics manual.


The Official’s Whistle
Officials blow the whistle to indicate the ball is dead “by rule.” There is a right way to blow the whistle following a “typical” play so everyone can hear it. We also blow a “look at me!” whistle during specific circumstances. We’ll discuss the finger and lanyard whistle types, when we blow the whistle, and how we blow the whistle.

Penalty Flag and Beanbag

Officiating the Kickoff

Wing Mechanics

Officiating the Scrimmage Kick