Mark Bradley

Mark Bradley

Pregame Topic: Scrimmage Kick Surprises

Scrimmage kick punt

It’s interesting how we can sometimes review a play’s description on paper and quickly and confidently decide how we’d officiate the action, but when we see the same play on the football field, it takes us by surprise and we…

The Importance of Connected Wings on the Field

Football officials talking on the field

Aristotle’s quote, “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts” is fitting when describing wing “connectedness.” If wings do not communicate and connect, and worse, if wings compete with each other on the field, the two independent wings…

How to Provide Clear Chain Crew Instructions

Football chain crew

The general instructions for football line-to-gain crews is in the Game Resources section. This document provides good foundational information to brief the chain crews. Here are a few other items to consider: Equipment I recommend you purchase the cloth clip…