Foul Descriptions and Videos

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Football officials must ensure one team does not gain an illegal advantage over the other team within the rules. The NFHS Rule Book provides definitions and amplifying information regarding fouls; this is the “science” of officiating. Officiating judgment is the “art” of officiating. This section will address individual foul types. Each lesson will provide a rules review for a specific foul and will address important considerations to help officials adjudicate the play or action.

The site is fairly new, so we haven’t yet published lessons for each foul. Please check back often for new content.


False Start and Snap Infraction


Illegal Formation

Illegal Shift and Illegal Motion

Offensive Holding

Blocking in the Back

Blocking Below the Waist

Illegal Blindside Block


Chop Block


Horse-collar Tackle


Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Illegal Helmet Contact

Illegal Batting

Illegal Kicking and Illegal Kick

Pop Up Kicks

Roughing the Passer